Master Class

Are you familiar with floral arranging and looking to take your talents to another level?  THE MASTER CLASS is perfect for you.  We will bring in professionals from floral design companies to teach technique and design theory. These classes will help when creating arrangements for so many different arenas.  Maybe you are looking to do wedding design, but you have never made a bouquet, or corsages and boutonniers, we can help increase the breadth of your work. Flowers are not only part of special occasions but our daily life as well.   They too have styles that are in vogue. We will bring the experts to talk about what’s on trend and how to incorporate it into your work.  Flowers are an art, a language and unequivocally bring great joy. The value of your work is boundless and there’s always more to learn.  Please join us for a Master Class and share your tips and ideas as well. We welcome suggestions of interest for class topics, and we will do our best to accommodate you